Our Desired Impact

  • Provide a thriving, positive, and creative atmosphere where the Light of Christ can be seen and curiosity is evoked.
  • Encourage and disciple Next Generations individuals in their life journey by learning: to walk in the Spirit, with His Word, and in Community.
  • Model, challenge and equip individuals to positively influence their communities by developing their capabilities (knowledge), capacity (skills), and character (inward quality).
  • Encourage mentorship as the final step to the discipleship process.
  • Actively practice "living in the world but not of the world" with those of like-minded values.

Our Strategy

Business Outreach

Creating and managing a business is highly respected among the people of China. Small businesses are everywhere. From the street vendor to the large retail shop in the mall; owners are looking for ways to improve their business, young people are starting their own, or they want to learn a great business model. As a tent-maker, especially in business (not working for another), it will provide numerous opportunities to build relationships with men and women of peace. L2LC will seek to establish a business which will provide the flexibility and opportunity to build relationships with next generation individuals and leaders.
The USA is seen as one of the best countries in creating wealth. Therefore, we will use this window of opportunity to use English and American Culture to develop a unique and powerful business outreach in order to be able to practice and promote biblical principles in daily living while identifying and equipping the next generation leaders in China.

Inter-Cultural Bridge

L2LC is uniquely positioned to offer cross-cultural experiences between American and Chinese young adults. The goal will be to create a bridge of understanding between the two nations in order to encourage young adults of both countries. The recruitment of expatriates and short-term visitors are important to this experience. It is not about transferring information but to build relationships and mutual community.

Service to the Community

Hospitality, honoring the family are foundational to the Chinese culture but the concept of service to the community is relatively new. L2LC staff will model Christian service by volunteering in the local community and church. This will give a natural platform to invite anyone to church and community events. Plus it offers us a “public” way to share our faith and influence the local community and church.

Healthy Interpersonal Relationships

Our goal is to be Christ-like in our attitude and daily living. The apostle Paul continually challenged and invited the believers to imitate his walk in the Spirit. We will seek to be genuine, transparent and humble children of God in every aspect of life.
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