Equipping Individuals to Ignite
a Discipleship Movement
Among Next Generation Leaders in Asia

The Opportunity

In China, there is a tsunami of young people rising out of the nation that has the potential to significantly impact their community, nation and world. They have discipline and passion to make a difference in the people around them. They need mentors who will love them with the love of Christ, encourage them to influence those around them, instill the hope of Christ and challenge them to chose to live for Christ. The harvest field of youth is overwhelming (400 million between the ages of 0-25) but our objective is to mentor, disciple and challenge one individual at a time and let Jesus increase the number as well as provide the resources needed to accomplish His purpose. Our primary focus is ShenZhen, a city where the medium age is 29 among 13 million people which they call their home.
Life2Life Connections' Mission will proclaim the Good News by creating opportunities to influence, challenge and develop next generation leaders through healthy relationships, intercultural experiences, challenging forums and superior employee customer service where our core values are taught and modeled daily.